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Blue ridge circuit
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In 1851 the Blue Ridge Circuit consisted of eleven counties.  Cherokee County was in the middle of the Circuit, which spanned from Carroll County to Union County.   About 60 lawyers maintained offices in the whole Circuit.

Back then, the circuit judge held court in each of the Circuit's counties for about a week, and the judge would make it to each county about twice each year.  Just as the judge would travel from county to county, so would the lawyers of the local bar since there was such a small number in a large area.

Because the lawyers spent so much time together in whichever county court was convened that week, a social organization was not necessary.  However, in 1946, the Blue Ridge Circuit Bar Association was organized as a social group.  It had few planned events.  As time went on and population in the metro Atlanta area increased, the circuits split.  

Despite the splits, the Blue Ridge Circuit Bar Association continued, on occasion, to hold joint meetings with other circuit bar associations to preserve camaraderie.

The current version of the Blue Ridge Bar Association was previously known as the Cherokee County Bar Association and the Canton Bar Association.

For Law Day, the Blue Ridge Bar Association expands our meeting to include the Rotary Club of Canton.  Each year the Bar presents the Liberty Bell Award and, if there is a deserving recipient, the Robert "Bob" Stubbs Distinguished Service Award.  Here is some more about the awards and previous winners:  Award Information and Past Recipients.

A bit of Cherokee County history can be found here.

**Some of this history is from Bentley and Custer's account of the origins of the Cobb Bar, which can be found here.

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